May 20, 2016 — Philadelphia Tribune: Young maritime historian makes history

Photo courtesy of Byron Huart.

Although Byron Huart, maritime historian and photographer, travels the world documenting ships, the SS United States will always hold a special place in his heart. “Whenever I’m in Philly, I always go down to photograph her at sunrise or sunset,” Huart told Philadelphia Tribune staff writer Bobbi Booker. “I consider the SS United States a ship that has cheated death many times.”

“I’ve visited the ship, toured it, documented and photographed the ship many times,” he said. “The ship was built like a battleship.” He believes she deserves a renaissance since “there will never be another ship like her again.”

Huart has produced over 200 video features, thousands of photographs, and numerous articles featured in publications such as Maritime Matters, Cruise Business Review and the 75th anniversary edition of PowerShips magazine. “It is important because I represent the future, and I want to inspire more young people to go out there and do what I do,” Huart said. “The mission I’ve embarked on is bigger than going out there and taking pictures of ships: it’s documenting history that no one else is willing to go out and do.”

Photo courtesy of Byron Huart.

A new exhibit by Huart, “City of Ships: A Photo Exhibition,” is on display through July 1st at the National Lighthouse Museum at Lighthouse Point, Staten Island, New York. To read the full article on Huart, and view more of his work, click HERE.