December 17, 2012 – Wall Street Journal

Of Men and Ships, by Ralph Gardner, Jr., Wall Street Journal, Dec. 17, 2012.

Immediately following our recent press in New York Magazine, the SS United States and the Conservancy were featured in the Wall Street Journal this week. The author of the piece, Ralph Gardner, Jr. writes:

To be honest, when a press release for the SS United States Conservancy crossed my metaphorical desk last spring, I was surprised. I didn’t realize the ship still existed. I assumed it had been sold for scrap years ago, or sunk to create an artificial reef, or whatever happens to old ocean liners when nobody loves them anymore.

Except that somebody does. It was pleasant to spend some time aboard the SS United States with people even more obsessed with ocean liners than I am.

Gardner’s initial shock that the SS United States is still afloat illustrates why it is so crucial to spread the word about the ship’s restoration and museum plans. You can read the full article here.