Transmission 28: Mrzy Votaw

Courtesy of Kathleen Perry.

Courtesy of Kathleen Perry.

One day they told us it was too windy to go out onto the Promenade deck, and Daddy decided to take me out to see how windy it was. The wind picked me up and threw me into the railing – at first, the ship’s doctor thought the impact had broken my arms, but it turned out my elbows had just locked. I remember mostly feeling glad I’d been blown into the railing and not all the way overboard!

The whole voyage was way cool. We watched The Parent Trap multiple times, and saw Mamie Eisenhower there with her Secret Service guys. I loved riding in the elevators with sailors, and people watching. I did think the water in the swimming pool was way, way too cold.

Someone told us that the famous psychic Jeane Dixon had predicted the ship would sink, and the mandatory lifeboat drills convinced us she was right! I was thoroughly relieved when we arrived in New York.

Seeing the Stature of Liberty from the sea, and thinking what it meant to people like my Holocaust survivor mother, blew my eight-year-old mind.

— Mrzy Votaw, who sailed from Le Havre to New York in 1969 with parents Albert N. and Estera Votaw and three older sisters.