Ideas for Teachers and Parents


Make a model of the SS United States

Have your kids draw or paint the SS United States

Set up a classroom blog about the SS United States

Build boats in class and race them against each other

Design your own ship propellers

Compose a song about the SS United States. One classroom in California performed the ship’s special song – First Lady of the Seas – on their ukuleles!

Students at Union High School with their poster of the SS United States

Students at Union High School with their poster of the SS United States

Create “Save the United States” travel posters the way this class did!

Design your own passenger ship that can be turned into a troop ship. What safety features would you include?

Provide a math worksheet for calculating distance and speed for ships and information on how time trials are recorded.

Compare how long it took for the SS United States, the Queen Mary, the Mayflower, the Santa Maria and other famous ships to cross the Atlantic, and try to calculate their speeds.

Most kids are fascinated by the Titanic. For a real eye-opener, compare her statistics point-by-point with those of the SS United States using the handy fact sheet at the SS United States Conservancy website

At 990 feet, the SS United States is longer than three football fields! Go to a large outdoor area and measure out the ship’s dimensions with flags or marking chalk

The SS United States Conservancy is planning fun and exciting projects for kids in the coming months, including contests, activities, and prizes. Check back frequently for more information — or follow us on Facebook or our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest offerings!