The SS United States is a huge, old ship that was very important to the history of America. In the 1950s, the SS United States carried movie stars, presidents, businessmen and politicians. The SS United States also carried students, families, and immigrants looking to make a new life in America.

When people began using jet airplanes to travel across the ocean, the grand ocean liners like the SS United States were taken out of service. Most ships were sent to steel scrap yards to be broken up. But the SS United States was special. She is still here.

The ship is now owned by the SS United States Conservancy. They have a plan to restore the ship and create a cool museum to be enjoyed by people of all ages from years to come. They need to raise money and let everyone know the ship must be rescued.

Here are some ways kids are helping save the SS United States!

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In the 1950s, it was popular to build models of the SS United States. You and a parent can build a model and show it off!

Ravi Giberson is passionate about saving the SS United States. He came to one of the SS United States Conservancy’s events and gave a great speech about why the SS United States is important and why she should be saved!

Kids in the Philadelphia area created these great posters to spread the word at an SS United States Conservancy rally in Philadelphia.

Students at Union High School in Union, New Jersey created a large, 3D poster of the SS United States! The poster was created as part of a collaborative class project.

These middle school students in Jones, Oklahoma learned about the importance of the SS United States in class! You can suggest the SS United States as a topic at your school. More information below!


Brownie Troop 74732 had a Citizenship meeting and their topic was the SS United States. They all had a chance to color the ship and one of the scouts gave a presentation about Elaine Kaplan, the female engineer and mathematician who designed the top secret propellers for Gibbs and Cox. The scouts also made and decorated milk carton ships.

Each scout collected money from their families so the troop could buy its own piece of the ship at

ssusforkidsCheck our new coloring sheet and word search game! Download and print them here!

With a grown-up’s help, you can even “adopt” your own piece of the ship at ! It only costs $1 per square inch. Choose the part of the ship you want, then zoom in on it and pick out your own square inch (or inches). Then you can upload a photo of yourself or your family (or even your pet) to your piece of the ship — or write a story about the SS United States to share with the public. You’ll get your very own special address for your piece, and it will always be part of

Visit with your class and upload your school logo, a class photo, or essays about the ship. If you like, you can get your scout troop or sports team involved, too.

Plan a “Save the United States” fundraiser with your scout group or community group as your next service project. Collect donations to buy as many square inches of the SS United States as you can! See how Troop 74732 did their part here!

Download an informative brochure here to learn more about the ship and

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