The SS United States Center for Design & Discovery will feature exciting and inspiring displays that explore the SS United States’ emergence as a singular American post-war achievement. The museum will explore a range of compelling themes, including 20th century industrial innovation, the trans-Atlantic liner era, and American cultural identity and artistic expression.

Journeys of discovery will offer themed experiences that transport visitors back to the “Mad Men” era. A stunning collection of art and artifacts will showcase the mid-century modern design aesthetic. Guided by a high-level advisory board of thought leaders and experts, the Museum will pursue strategic partnerships as it addresses 21st century education and leadership challenges, particularly around science, engineering and technological innovation.

The Conservancy’s groundbreaking “Save the United States” dynamic web platform — in which supporters have created a vibrant on-line community and contributed thousands of historic images and powerful testimonials — will become a virtual “Wall of Honor” and unique interactive museum display.



In 2012 we convened a formal design charrette in which some two dozen experts in museum planning, marketing, and exhibit design gathered to help generate the SS United States Center for Design & Discovery’s interpretive plans and renderings.

We mounted a major exhibition at New York’s Forbes Galleries entitled “The Ocean Liner United States: The Past & Future of America’s Superliner” and launched a public programming series.  We are actively exploring additional exhibition and partnership opportunities.

We also continue to expand the Conservancy’s permanent collection of SS United States artifacts, historical documents, artwork and fixtures as well as our vintage film and photography archive.



With support from our generous donors, the Conservancy will advance plans for the SS United States Center for Design & Discovery as well as continue to expand our permanent collections, develop additional traveling and temporary exhibitions, launch an oral history initiative, and design educational modules that explore the role of the SS United States in the context of Cold War history, labor relations, maritime transportation, immigration, race and ethnicity, and other themes.

Thank you for helping us celebrate and preserve the SS United States’ unique cultural, historical and technological legacy.