MOMENTUM BUILDS – SS United States Receives $100,000 Donation

Second Large Gift Boosts Campaign – Donor Wins Conservancy’s National Parks Tour Promotion

The Conservancy is thrilled to share more exciting news: Our momentum continues to build! We’re now almost 60 percent of the way toward our “We Are the United States” $500,000 goal. For the second this month, a major lifeline has been tossed to America’s Flagship. A donation of $100,000 from Christie Peck of Long Beach, California, has provided a major boost to our fundraising efforts. Thank you so much, Christie!

We hope that Christie’s generosity and passion for saving the SS United States will inspire others across the country and around the world to support our campaign. Christie’s support, combined with donations from so many of you, are giving the nation’s flagship a chance to survive and thrive. Read the full announcement of Christie’s donation HERE. Christie’s support follows an earlier gift of $150,000 from cruise industry executive Jim Pollin.

Courtesy of the Grand Liner Lounge,

Courtesy of the Grand Liner Lounge,

Christie’s $100,000 gift also made her the top donor for the Conservancy’s National Parks promotion. She (or two friends or family members) will be able to enjoy an amazing week-long luxury tour of some of the nation’s most magnificent national parks by Globus Canyon County Adventure Group Tours. The trip will showcase four parks in the Southwest United States: Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, and Zion.

To contribute to the “We are the United States” campaign, visit or the Conservancy’s GoFundMe page.