Sept 17, 2016 — Crew Reunion and Celebration Recap


The SS United States Conservancy welcomed over 150 guests at our 2016 Crew Reunion and Celebration, among them, seventeen former crew members, twenty-four former passengers, and several former Gibbs & Cox employees, including one of William Francis Gibbs’ former assistants!

Bill Magee, of MageeMedia Productions, did a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of the event on video. His documentation of the event ensures that stories told by the crew members that day —  and ultimately, the history of the Big U — will be preserved.

Click here to watch a short highlights reel that features excerpts from interviews with Joe Orlando, a former Gibbs & Cox employee, and former crew members Joe Rota and Joe Muchulsky, as well as Dan Landau’s stirring performance of “To Every Journey,” his homage to the ship.

Click here to watch the director’s cut that includes the entirety of the interviews with “the three Joes,” as well as a bonus interview with former crew member Larry Walker, whose father also worked aboard the SS United States.

The Conservancy also produced a commemorative booklet featuring recollections from former crew members, as well as photos from the ship’s service career. You may access a PDF of that booklet here.

Thanks to our dedicated “crew” — both past and present — the reunion was a resounding success. A special thank you is due to Conservancy Board Member Mark Perry, Advisory Council Member Frank Slate Brooks, and Executive Director Susan Gibbs for sponsoring our happy hour reception at the Union League, as well as to Advisory Council Member Sean Edwards for helping us secure the beautiful McMichael Room.

All photos courtesy of Kyle Ober.