Save the United States



Through it all, America’s Flagship stands tall, an enduring symbol of the ideals that keep this nation united: dedication, pride, and a sense of purpose, to name a few.

We invite you to join us in exploring how the SS United States exemplifies our shared American ideals. We are beginning this conversation today with a question: how does America’s Flagship help convey America’s unique story? Add your voice to the conversation by using the hashtag #savetheunitedstates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Janette Gautier_1967-3-MeyerDavis

Jones Devlin and Kenneth Gautier, US Lines Senior VP of Passenger Traffic, pose with SS United States orchestra leader Meyer Davis. Devlin is on the right, and Gautier on the left. Courtesy of Janette Gautier.

Jones Devlin, a vice president at United States Lines, issued “All Hands” guidance to the ship’s crew. The words he used to inspire his team then resonate for us now during this post-election moment:

COURTEOUS words instead of sharp retorts

SMILES instead of blank looks

ENTHUSIASM instead of dullness

RESPONSE instead of indifference

WARMTH instead of coldness

UNDERSTANDING instead of a closed mind

ATTENTION instead of neglect

CONSIDERATION instead of annoyance

HELPFULNESS instead of hindrance

ACTION instead of delay!

As we look forward to 2017, the SS United States’ 65th anniversary year, Devlin’s words serve as our rallying cry. The fate of the SS United States will be determined, one way or another, in the coming year. His words inspire us as we redouble our efforts to save our nation’s flagship. We hope you will consider joining that effort.


“May the SS US always endure. She truly IS the symbol of America and what unites us all ship lovers.” — Kurt Kaufmann

“Even today in her current states, she exemplifies the essence of our great country. Strength, beauty, grace, innovation. She is worn and weathered, but she still exudes limitless possibilities. Just like our country today.” — Robert Sommer

“She showcases when ‘Made in America’ truly meant something!” — Clark Pyewell

“She is a symbol of pride and she deserves to be restored.” — Sabina Boston

“From my point of view, the restoration of the SS United States would not only improve her future, but would also help to improve the image of your country overseas as she could return to her role as representative of America. The restoration would also create the opportunity for new jobs and add a new national monument — I know you already have a good number of monuments, but to me, she would be the best!” — Lorenzo Grimaldi

“She is a visual representation of American ingenuity and determination. The fastest liner still today after sixty years. Even though she came at the close of the ocean liner era, she epitomized it and was in many respects its crowning jewel. She is an American treasure that generations from now should still be enjoyed and a living reminder of the men and women who created her, built her, and sailed on her.” — Larry Haake IV

“She represents all that American can do when we put Americans to work!” — Jackie Russell

“Th United States could be an excellent floating entertainment venue like the Queen Mark, with certain interior and exterior elements restored. The ship could become a place to host weddings, banquets, parties, business meeting, and other social events. All this would create renewed interest in the ship and its history.” — John Bozman

“I would love to see her in the NY-NJ area as a tourist and even attraction, like the Queen Mary.” — John Ciocco

“I appreciate all of your efforts to save her. I’ve just begun to fight for her, I’m spreading the word, and if I had the money, I’d buy her, fix her, and be her Captain. In all honesty I believe she’s priceless: a good, tried and true old lady of the seas. I have a model of her here, and I dream of sailing aboard her as a member of her crew, or a passenger.” — John Richter