Nov 18, 2015 – Major Donation from Anode Solutions Inc. & Anode Systems Co. will help protect the Big U

The Conservancy is very pleased to announce receipt of a major in-kind donation: Anode Solutions Inc. and Anode Systems Company have teamed up to offer expert cathodic protection support to the SS United States.   


All steel-hulled ships are at risk of corrosion because of complicated chemical reactions that occur when metals meet water, and these galvanic threats can be minimized by installing “sacrificial anodes” – electrochemically active metals – on the ship’s hull. Thankfully, the brackish water of the Delaware River has minimized these threats, and the hull of the SS United States remains strong.  However, this support from Anode Solutions and Anode Systems Company will include an in-depth assessment and provide additional protection as the ship is readied for redevelopment.


Texas-based Anode Solutions and Anode Systems Company, founded in 1984 in Grand Junction, Colorado, protect a number of the nation’s great historic ships, including Battleships Texas and New Jersey, the USS Midway, USS Intrepid, and RMS Queen Mary.  The Conservancy is deeply grateful to Hans Schmoldt of Anode Systems and Lance Thomas of Anode Solutions for their generous support.  They are truly helping us keep the SS United States afloat!