Merv Griffin aboard the SS United States courtesy of Albert Fisher

Here are 8 photos that I took on board or circling The SS United States. These were done when I was with “The Merv Griffin Show” in 1966. We were shooting a TV special: “Merv Griffin’s Sidewalks of New York” which was syndicated to stations throughout the United States. We spent the morning and mid afternoon on the ship shooting when it was in dock at its pier in New York harbor. We then sailed with the ship as it was departing for its voyage. Once we got past the Verrazano Bridge, we left the ship via the tug boat that was guiding the United States out of harbor and then returned to the pier. So while we technically “sailed” on the United States, we never got out into the actual ocean. I forget the song Merv was singing on board. He did a lip sync to the recording and there was no actual band or live singing on the ship. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there is no copy of the actual TV special we made which included the footage we shot.

Albert Fisher

Photos courtesy of Albert Fisher, Fisher Media Productions, Los Angeles, CA