Mar 9, 2017 — USA Today: Peek Inside the Last of the Great Ocean Liners

Courtesy of the Grand Liner Lounge,

Courtesy of the Grand Liner Lounge (

Created by veteran cruise writer, ship photographer, and Conservancy Advisory Council member Peter Knego, this fantastic virtual tour takes visitors inside four of the most iconic trans-Atlantic vessels, including (of course!) the SS United States. Knego includes both historical and current photos of “some of the most spectacular machines ever made for transportation.”

The tour of the SS United States — “the largest, fastest, and arguably greatest American passenger ship ever built” — begins at slide 27 and concludes at slide 51. Knego beautifully summarizes the current condition of ship when he says: “Peeling paint and superficial rust aside, the grace and beauty of the ship’s architecture is unparalleled.” He finishes by expressing his hope that there will ben more to the story of “one of the mightiest ships to ever grace the seas,” a hope the Conservancy is working hard to make a reality.

To view the tour, click here.