The Legacy Project: Barbara Hernandez

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Ms. Hernandez's mother (middle) and father (right).

Ms. Hernandez’s mother (middle) and father (right).

Seeing or hearing about the SS United States evokes vivid memories of momentous importance for Barbara Hernandez.  Her father, Rudolph Anter and her mother, sailed on the United States in 1955.

“Rudy,” Barbara recalls of her father, “was traveling to Buffalo, New York to work as an engineering consultant.”  Although not quite six years old at the time, Barbara still vividly remembers the excitement surrounding her father’s upcoming trip.  She recalls a brochure that compared the length of the ship to the Empire State Building as a means to emphasize the SS United States’ length, which surpassed that of the iconic New York City building.

SS United States vs. Empire State Building

Size comparison between the SS United States and other large structures.

Today, Barbara fondly reminisces about bringing her father to the ship and how taken she was by the ship’s unmatched grandeur and beauty.  The excitement surrounding the SS United States in the 1950s remains a persistent memory for Barbara.  “My excitement,” Barbara says, “was recently reinvigorated when I learned about the efforts dedicated to saving ‘America’s Flagship’. Without a doubt, I look forward to seeing the SS United States again.”