Become a part of history! The SS United States Conservancy is compiling an archive of visual materials related to passengers and crew who traveled in, helped build, and/or served aboard our nation’s flagship, the SS United States. To that end, the Conservancy seeks donated submissions of photos, slides, and home movies taken aboard the ship. In exchange for granting the Conservancy permission to use these materials to promote the cause of saving, revitalizing, and preserving the history of the SS United States, the Conservancy will pay for the scanning of still images (both prints and slides) as well as for the transfer of original 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm film to digital video. Those who provide the Conservancy with these materials will have their original prints, slides or films returned to them along with a CD-ROM of their digitized images, and/or a DVD or VHS copy of their home movie. The digital format will preserve the donated images for many years to come in the highest quality format now available, preventing the loss of such images through the inevitable deterioration of photographs, slides, and especially home movies. Each contributor will also be acknowledged with a credit such as “photo (or film) courtesy of” whenever and wherever their images are used.

In addition to being archived for posterity, the images and movies may be used by the Conservancy in the production of various materials to raise awareness and promote the cause of preserving the SS United States and her history. These materials may include print materials, websites, signs and audio-visual productions. Have your memories become a part of this important archival project. For more information, please email