Fox News Calls to Save American Icon, “SS United States could be America’s Flagship once again”

She’s the largest luxury ocean liner “ever built in the United States using all American products and by American workers: Meet ‘America’s Flagship,’ the SS United States.”

The SS United States has been a cultural touchstone since her maiden voyage in 1952. Today, she remains an international media sensation. Check out this piece by Fox News, highlighting the urgent need to save America’s Flagship:

The fastest ocean liner ever built, she carried more than 1.5 million passengers across the Atlantic and was designed to rapidly convert to a Navy troop ship in the event of war. In an interview with anchor Jon Scott, Conservancy Executive Director Susan Gibbs remembered the determination of her grandfather, ship designer William Francis Gibbs:

The SS United States in her heyday. Photograph courtesy of Nick Landiak.

“He really saw this as a patriotic contribution. He was quite competitive, and back in the early days when the European liners were dominating the seas, he really felt America should win that race.”

Conservancy spokesperson Tom Basile also commented on the incredible significance of the SS United States:

“It represents who we are as a country when we’re at our very best…That’s what the United States means to so many people, us being able to come together and do something that is really powerful and really special. And back in the ’50s, and the beginning of the Cold War, that’s what this ship symbolized to America and to the world.”

A symbol of American ingenuity, prestige and pride, she has seen more United States presidents as passengers than any other vessel. Comparable to the Liberty Bell, or the Washington Monument, the SS United States is an American icon that we cannot afford to lose.

America’s Flagship needs our help. Photograph courtesy of Fox News.

Thanks to our generous supporters, the SS United States Conservancy has been able to keep the SS United States safely afloat thus far. As we work to honor her legacy and chart a course towards her revitalization, the future of this great ship continues to depend upon your steadfast support and commitment to helping us spread the word about her incredible history and potential.

“We need the President to take notice and Congress to take notice…We can work together as a nation to save America’s Flagship.”

Watch the Fox News story and read the article HERE.