Aug 11, 2016 — Curbed Philadelphia: Vintage photos capture SS United States as a midcentury modern marvel

First Class Ballroom_SS US

Photo of the First Class Ballroom courtesy of Robert G. Lenzer.

If you’d like a glimpse into the SS United States in her heyday, look no further than these photos of her midcentury modern interiors.

“The engineering feats of the massive ship were astounding,” writes Melissa Romero for Curbed Philadelphia, “but [William Francis] Gibbs made sure that the interiors were just as impressive. Under his strict orders, everything in the boat save for the grand pianos and butcher blocks had to be 100 percent fireproof.

Interior designer Dorothy Marckwald of the firm Smyth, Urquhart & Marckwald led the design efforts. The 23 public rooms, 395 state rooms, and 14 first-class suites were midcentury modern gems, doused in red, blues, greens, and golds. And keeping in line with Gibbs’ request, wood was absent from any material, instead opting for linoleum floors, and flame-proof furniture.”

Click here to view the photos and accompanying article by Romero.