AUGUST 11, 2015 Flagship Campaign Launch

Dear Conservancy Supporters:

Earlier this summer the Conservancy provided an update on the progress of our redevelopment efforts, including sharing exciting new architectural renderings.  We also announced that while redevelopment planning was advancing, our exclusive option agreement had expired, and our partners were no longer required to pay the ship’s carrying costs.
That means that to keep the ship safely afloat while pre-development due diligence is completed, we must meet our campaign goal of $180,000 to support the vessel’s short-term  insurance, pier rental and maintenance costs.  Without these additional funds, we can’t afford to cover the bills – totaling approximately $60,000 per month – needed to keep the ship in the water.
This is not the first time the SS United States has faced grave danger. She is afloat today only because people from across the country and around the world have pulled together to help.
We’ve made great strides in recent months toward finding suitable permanent locations for the ship and identifying how best to activate the ship’s commercial potential.  We have also advanced a range of potential public uses for the vessel, including a museum/educational center, performing arts space, public park amenities, energy generation, a maritime school, and a center for veteran support.  However, until a new agreement is finalized, the fate of the SS United States is in our hands.
We have asked for your help before, but we are asking again at this absolutely crucial time because we believe that America’s Flagship deserves to be given every opportunity to survive.
There are many ways to contribute and participate, from donating, giving a gift membership, posting on social media, and supporting our fall events.  Our kick-off campaign tee shirt is available HERE, and other special campaign features will be announced in the coming weeks.In the words of Advisory Council member David Macaulay, the ship “remains a powerful reminder of American ingenuity, vision, and skill, while at the same time sparking imagination and inspiring dreams yet to be realized.”

Our “dream yet to be realized” is that the revitalized SS United States will endure as an extraordinary physical space and a soaring symbol of what’s possible.  Thank you for joining us as we work to make this dream come true.  We haven’t come this far to let go of the ship’s safety line that, together, we have worked so hard to create.In gratitude,

           Susan Gibbs signature

Susan Gibbs, Executive Director