Mar 20, 2016 — An Exciting Addition to Our Curatorial Collection


The stunning Charles Lin Tissot panels as they appeared in their heyday in the SS United States’ private dining room.
(Photo courtesy of the Carl Weber collection).

The Conservancy has been moving forward “full speed ahead” with its curatorial and historic preservation programs. We are delighted to share that we’ve acquired an important panel designed by artist Charles Lin Tissot that originally hung in the SS United States‘ private dining room — the most exclusive dining area aboard the Big U. The panel, known as the “Snowflake Crystal Montage,” features crystal sculptures mounted on highly polished aluminum sheets.

The acquisition of the panel was made possible by generous donations from Conservancy supporters Mario Alvarez-Garcillan, Frank Books, and Carl Wesch. Conservancy board members Charles Anderson, Bob Forbes, Susan Gibbs, and Mark Perry also contributed generously. We are deeply grateful to Carl Wesch for bringing the panel to our attention and for galvanizing the efforts that culminated in the acquisition. Keith Harper, of Gibbs & Cox, provided additional support.

Acquiring this extraordinary Tissot panel is a significant achievement for the Conservancy and advances our ongoing mission of building our permanent collection of SS United States‘ art, artifacts and archives.